I am a 23 yr old Texan. I am multi-fandom. Sometimes I draw, but not very well. I reblog what I like. Might be a bit NSFW


doing this mass effect/attack on titan crossover made me think of who erwin would be. then I started laughing imagining him as miranda in that tight-fitting white catsuit with him being like “I was designed to be genetically perfect” 

but now it’s not a joke anymore and I’m doing it

「Demon!Dean's Voice」


The southern drawl is killing me.


Finally a sunscreen for me. A manly man. A real man’s man. Thank god a sunscreen I can finally use. I have been getting sunburnt my whole life waiting for this. Can’t use the other feminized sunscreens. Can’t risk losing my man card. Finally. Sunscreen in a black bottle. FOR MEN.

Do you think he could be [..]


when you say “bless you” to someone before they actually sneeze